Hundreds of Canadian Companies Trust ParaMed

With over 5,000 staff and 22 Centres in Ontario, ParaMed is one of Canada's largest providers of workplace health and wellness services.

Our own staff of registered nurses have delivered thousands of on-site clinics, seminars and wellness programs for employees at hundreds of companies in Ontario. The knowledge and experience we share on disease prevention and strategies for healthier lifestyles come from more than 30 years of experience in delivering exceptional quality health care services to Canadians in home and institutional settings.

A Healthier Workforce for a Healthier Bottom Line

70% of ill health is preventable, but only when people have the right knowledge to make the right decisions about their health.

ParaMed brings this knowledge to your workforce, so your employees can enjoy the benefits that come with better health – such as reduced stress and increased performance on the job. Companies with a healthier workforce achieve significant, measurable outcomes in the form of:

Services offered by ParaMed:

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