Benefits of Workplace Health and Wellness Programs

With ParaMed as your workplace health and wellness partner, it's easy to make a positive impact not only on your bottom line, but on the lives of your employees – both on the job and in their personal lives.

When your entire workforce learns how to implement effective, proactive methods for improving and maintaining their health, everybody wins. See how the features of ParaMed's Workplace Health and Wellness program can benefit you and improve the health of your employees and your organization.

Benefits to Employee Benefits to Employer
Positive feelings of being supported by employer. Increased productivity from healthier and happier employees.
Improved health, with less likelihood of being absent from work due to health reasons. Decreased costs related to absenteeism, sickness and turnover.
Higher levels of work satisfaction and morale. Lowers benefit costs associated with short term disability due to stress leave, illness, and conditions such as depression.
Clinics and seminars held in the workplace are convenient. Employees do not have to visit their own physician for screenings or consultation. Health and wellness program are flexible to accommodate shifts and schedules. Day, evening and night clinics are available.
Confidential screening for health risks that, if found, can be followed up with via the employee's primary physician. Better-informed about disease- specific conditions. Lowers risk of serious illness leading to long term disability ( chronic illnesses).
Increase employee engagement and participation. Improves employee/employer relations.

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