Outcome-Based Care

ParaMed began the journey to Outcome-Based Care (OBC) in 1996 with the development and piloting of a framework and subsequently organization wide implementation in the nursing program during 2003. The OBC system provides a framework for a standardized approach to care planning and care delivery to ensure the achievement of high quality, safe, compassionate and ethical care.

The framework for Outcome Based Care consists of five C's:

  1. CARE management – Coordination, Advocacy and support, Referral, and Education
  2. Comprehensive client assessment
  3. Collaborative plan of outcome focused care
  4. Client focused care
  5. Care outcomes measured

A central underpinning of OBC was the importance of making clinical decisions based on evidence at the client-nurse interface. The OBC system is anchored by the principles of comprehensiveness, holism, measurability, accountability, transparency and client collaboration.

Embedded in the OBC system is a focused documentation system which helps to streamline paperwork, maximize consistency, and improve ParaMed's ability to evaluate client outcomes. The foundation for a nursing workload measurement system is also a cornerstone of the system.

Based on the principles and structures of this framework, ParaMed introduced OBC to personal support and homemaking service delivery in 2007. OBC for home support allows ParaMed to embed clinical quality, measurability and accountability into the practice of unregulated workers. ParaMed believes this is critical in today's environment where there is increasing complexity in care provision and ever changing roles and responsibilities for unregulated care providers.

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